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You are applying for an ISRC Registrant Code, the portion of an ISRC that is unique to you, your label or your group. Registration is only required once. If you have previously registered and have forgotten your Registrant Code, please log-in here. Please note that we no longer require you to apply for separate Registrant Codes to assign ISRCs for audio and video recordings. To apply for a Registrant Code, please take the following steps:

Step One: Read these instructions and determine which type of Registrant you are based on the descriptions provided on the next page (Types of Registrants).

Step Two: Click "Apply For A Code" and follow the line of questions designed to ensure that you are eligible for registration. Once you complete these questions, you will be asked to provide some basic contact information. If you are applying as a Recording Owner, a one-time $95 processing fee is required when you submit your application. This fee can be paid with a credit card and will be charged when your request is processed. Please see below for additional details.

Step Three: Once you finish the application, we will review your submission. Once approved, we will email a Log-In and Password to the email address you provide. You can immediately use this Log-in ID and Password to access the Registrant Code that was allocated for you and to review your account information. We process and approve Registrant Code requests once per business day.

Please note: All Registrants who apply through this site must own the rights to the recordings (as distinct from the rights to the songs) to which they would like to assign ISRCs. If you wish to apply as an ISRC Manager, please read the information on the next page (Types of Registrants) and send an email request to: isrc@riaa.com.


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