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The US National ISRC Agency does not itself run a database of ISRCs but it has designated the database run by SoundExchange as authoritative for the United States.

We recommend that you check ISRCs of tracks that you own using the SoundExchange ISRC Search facility. Bear in mind that these tracks could have arrived there in a number of ways:

  • You might have registered them at SoundExchange yourself, with ISRCs that you assigned yourself. These do not need any action but if you need to assign ISRCs to new tracks and do not have the details of your Registrant Code, please contact the US ISRC Agency (isrc@riaa.com) before assigning new ISRCs.
  • The ISRCs might have been assigned by a previous owner or licensee. These ISRCs must not be changed just because of an ownership change. Make a record of the assigned ISRCs and make sure you use them in future dealings and when checking reports from users.
  • The ISRCs might have been assigned by a distributor (or similar) acting on your behalf as what we call an “ISRC Manager". They should have told you at the time what codes had been used but if you don’t have a note, take a copy from the search site and include them in your records.

If your recordings are not found in the ISRC Search facility, we recommend you register them at SoundExchange which will both make them visible in a search and ensure you get any payments that SoundExchange has for you. If you don’t have ISRCs for them (and you should check very carefully because duplicate codes can cause confusion and delay payments) then you can assign them using your own Registrant Code – which we can provide through this website – or using the services of an ISRC Manager.

Designation of SoundExchange as Authoritative Source of ISRC Data in the United States
















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